I believe in birth as a normal physiological process. I believe in you. I believe in your body's ability. I believe in your baby. I believe that every woman and couple should feel supported, respected and cared for as they welcome their child to the world.



I am a mother to three vibrant daughters, a wife to a Frenchman, and a native—born and raised in San Jose, California. 

I love the challenge and beauty of birth. Birth support is my passion.

I love filling my days with delicious and nutritious food to eat, being outside with family and friends and exercising. Being active is an important part of who I am. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, relieve stress and feel strong.

I love adventure. For six years (before kids), my husband and I had the chance to travel and live abroad. Some of our favorite memories (before and after kids) are in Mexico, England, Scotland, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, France and Taiwan.

Our second home is in France. We enjoy spending summers there with family and friends. It is really important to us that our daughters are raised bilingual and feel a connection to their papa’s roots.

My Inspiration

The first time that I witnessed birth, I was in awe. My very dear friend invited me into the room for the birth of her second child. I was so thankful to my friend for being so open during an intimate life moment. That experience started me on my birth journey. From there, my own pregnancies and births really sparked my passion for birth. With each birth, I continued to immerse myself in the topic of birth more and more through readings and discussions. It was such an empowering and transformative experience that I felt all women deserved to feel this way—strong, beautiful and loved. In addition, having a birth team was vital to my positive birth experiences. I appreciated all the support that I received from my partner, doula and care providers; they believed in me. I have a calling to give back what I received. The continuous emotional and physical support is a vital role that is missing in our modern birthing world.


My family

My life partner: Bertrand. Our three vibrant daughters: Anaïs (eight years old), Juliette (six years old) and Lucie (two years old).

photo credit: Hellybee Photography